I am so fortunate that I get to do what I love everyday, and here is what my fans have to say:

I love SarahRose’s class! She puts together a loud, motivating playlist and pushes us to the limit in every class. I also love her humor and smile. Even though her classes are exhausting and challenging, she is supportive and encouraging. I leave her class feeling amazing!
...great workout! I felt it for days. I loved the instructor-kind of a hard teacher :) but she made me feel comfortable (it was my first time), and I loved her style/sense of humor.
There’s a good reason why I sign up for SarahRose’s class-she makes it tough, but worth it!
SarahRose’s class was incredibly hard (in a good way) but fun and positive.
...love the instructor, music, and how unique the workout was compared to other barre classes.