I help YOU create change in your life. You are capable of amazing things: let’s find out your authentic and core values and express them in your life. 

We do this together through what I like to call “Mischief Mentoring”, or more traditionally referred to as COACHING!

Coaching? What exactly is that? Why would I want a coach?

Great question! Coaching is for EVERYONE! You don’t have to be facing a major life crisis or change (although that can lead you to needing support) to want a coach. You would benefit from hiring me as a coach for:

  • achieving goals: ongoing or new

  • holding you accountable

  • uncovering your core values and authentic self

  • looking for purpose and direction

  • finding your next challenge

  • boosting your self esteem

Think of our coaching sessions like this: You’re the driver, and I’m the passenger; a really fun passenger who is giving you guidance, support, laughter and love all along our journey. Together we will reach YOUR destination learning and growing each step of the way. I’m along for the ride to keep you on track, motivated and ready for any obstacles on your path.

Benefits of coaching:

  • uncovering your best self

  • create lasting change

  • relapse prevention

  • problem solving solutions

  • confidence

Sounds amazing right?

To get started, let’s schedule a FREE 30 minute consultation. We can uncover your needs and wants, and how we can work together to achieve your goals. Enter your details below and I will reach out to connect with you!

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Ready to dive right in? I LIKE YOUR ENTHUSIASM!

If you know you can achieve whatever you set your mind to (which I hope you know) and you want me to be your coach, then let’s get this party started! I have several coaching packages available depending on your needs. All coaching sessions include:

  • Weekly sessions in-person/online

  • Unlimited email support

  • Mindfulness practices

  • Goal setting tools

  • Recommended reading

  • Vision statement and Big Wins Document upon completion

Coaching packages

COMPLETE THE MISSION: the 6 week course


I am so excited about this offering! I have been creating and curating this course and I can’t wait to share it with you! I will share with you all the tools I use in my coaching and teaching business to breakthrough barriers and uncover your true authentic self.

Every week we get together on an online conference call and I share techniques, exercises and best practices in how to uncover your true authentic self and how to apply it to all aspects of your life. Each week is centered around a different topic that includes readings, journaling, mindfulness exercises and simple practices for you to integrate into your everyday life. You also get a one on one call with me every 3 weeks for us to connect about your progress and answer any questions or uncover obstacles. Enrollment also includes unlimited access to our private facebook group to stay connected throughout your journey beyond.

Ready to dive in and take charge of your life? Sign up below and I will send over the course outline, start dates and payment information (payment plans available!).

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One on One Coaching: 12 week program

My classic coaching package. Over the course of 12 weeks we will uncover your core values, create a vision for your life and create goals centered around getting you there. Each week you walk away with smaller goals that get you one step closer to your big YES! We work together to break through barriers and discover what helps keep you on track to being your authentic self.

One on One Coaching: One month intensive

For the already motivated and currently working on a major goal or achievement. You have most of the tools you need to achieve it, but need someone to bounce ideas off of, have a fresh perspective, and light a fire under your booty! You need the expertise of a coach (ME!) to guide you and cheer you on. Think of this like an espresso shot for your goal! Our coaching sessions are the extra boost of energy you need to get you over the finish line!

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